Partnering Facts

FACT - All school bus drivers, public or private, must meet the same state and federal licensing standards.

FACT - Most states have minimum driver training standards and curriculum. Because MVT and our parent company operates in several states our standards meet or exceed minimum standards, and use the highest standards required for all states. Many school districts do the minimum ‘required only’ training due to limited resources (lack of available funding).

FACT - In some cases partnering with MVT can save millions of dollars in a single school year alone. These savings are compound year after year. Saved dollars have allowed districts to enhance their educational programs and helped to avoid teacher layoffs.

FACT - MVT drivers are local residents, many hired from within your current workforce. Because of their vast knowledge of the local community it allows for a smooth operational transition.  Often they have children attending local schools. Both district and MVT drivers have only one goal, to transport children safely each day.

FACT - MVT buses and district school buses must meet the same maintenance standards set by their states. We set the highest preventative maintenance standards for our fleets.

FACT - MVT provides services based on standards and policies determined by both parties in the partnership agreement. Example: Provisions may be established in an agreement that districts may request that a driver be removed from their district at any time for a justifiable reason.

FACT - MVT often experiences a cost savings through economies of scale, opportunity costs and operational efficiencies, while operating less expensively than a typical district operation.


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