Safety Standards

SAFETY FIRST - MVT SafetyFrom the beginning, way back in 1942, George Krapf, Jr., our founder set the standard, and he never left anything to chance when it came to school bus safety.  He wanted to ensure all pieces of the operation worked in unison and kept safety at the top of the list.  This included maintenance, training, driver screening, daily driver performance, or a thousand other details. It worked then, and it's still working today.

Every MVT applicant is carefully screened to make sure they fit the requirements and qualifications to be part of our team.  State and federal background checks are done on all applicants. If they make the cut, they go through MVT's extensive classroom and over the road training program. And this isn't just driver training - we cover all the equipment, vehicle, personal and passenger safety details. Yes, our training meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements, but at MVT, when a driver successfully completes our training and certification program - well, that's good, but training at MVT never stops, because it is a continuing effort.

We offer safety training and seminars regularly on a variety of safety topics, from railroad grade crossings to refresher tips on safe backing and right turn techniques. Our drivers are rewarded for outstanding performance in safe driving.

MVT is an industry leader in safety management. Through special safety and security programs, such as our Bus Stop Observation process, we teach our drivers to be the eyes and ears of safety for our children and our entire community as they drive their routes each day. Safety isn't just about driving, it's a way of life.

Safe school bus transportation is a team commitment, so everybody gets involved, from policymakers, school bus drivers, driver aides, mechanics, dispatchers, supervisors, and many others. In addition, MVT works closely with school districts and agencies, parents and caregivers, and those we transport to teach and communicate about safety. If needed, we customize transportation safety programs to each community’s requirements.

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