Why Partner with MVT for Student Transportation?

MVT solves Student Transportation Challenges
MVT provides safe, reliable, and efficient solutions for the complex challenges of student transportation. The best way to answer these challenges is to employ an experienced and respected specialist: there is no one with a better reputation than MVT.

Since 1942, our primary focus has been the safe, reliable transportation of students. Partnering with MVT allows schools and districts to focus on what they do best, educating students. Relying on MVT for student transportation can have a number of benefits and often result in cost-savings, greater reliability, and efficiency.

Benefits of Partnering with MVT
As a result of partnering with MVT, our clients find that administrative time for transportation matters is greatly reduced. They appreciate MVT’s ability to recruit and retain qualified, high-performing personnel, and outstanding safety and training programs.  Other benefits include:

  • A safer, more efficient transportation operation
  • A professionally managed and fully certified maintenance program
  • Flexibility to respond to changing community needs

MVT helps clients control costs because of our economies of scale and constant innovation in all phases of school bus transportation operations. 

Turning your transportation requirements over to MVT can often solve many of the following challenges:

  • Aging and/or out of compliance fleet with little funding available for replacement/upgraded vehicles
  • Costs related to providing transportation surpass funds available
  • School programs being considered for elimination due to funding shortfalls
  • Difficulty in recruiting and retaining drivers and attendants
  • Increasingly complex employment and driver certification requirements  
  • Overextended resources and scheduling difficulties
  • Challenges in providing individualized services
  • Difficulty in keeping up with new state and US DOT operating regulations
  • Increasingly complex routing requirements
  • Customer service issues with parents or other community members
  • The need for a new or updated facility
  • The need for additional safety, training, and certification programs

Maintain Control, Gain Peace of Mind
By partnering with MVT, school districts and agencies solve their transportation challenges without giving up control over transportation services for students or other individuals. They delegate to MVT the day-to-day task of providing transportation services, and we provide the high quality services needed to respond to the community’s changing needs — reliably, consistently, and with considerable flexibility. Other positive factors to consider:

  • Maintain control of transportation costs and accurately predict costs through the life of the contract
  • Protect current employees’ wages and benefits through contract specifications
  • Reduce inflated employee costs by allowing MVT to initiate industry standards
  • Rely on MVT expertise in planning, routing, and scheduling to achieve more efficient and lower cost service.

Added Advantages

  • MVT usually owns or leases facilities in the districts in which they operate
  • MVT hires qualified, local residents and often employees and school bus drivers from the current school district.
  • MVT supports local communities through charitable donations and other fundraising activities

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